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Photo by Ben White

We are a Southern Baptist Church that has been established for over 165 years. We are firmly committed to preaching and teaching the whole counsel of God. We are expositional in our preaching ministry, as well as in our Wednesday night Bible studies. We believe that the proper way to preach God’s Word is by presenting it clearly, concisely, and without reservation, while acknowledging that the Lord is sovereign and will bring about all His good pleasure in His perfect timing.

What does the church look like? How is it structured?

Our congregation is relatively small number, but large in terms of spiritual desire and hunger! We have a close knit family of believers who are dedicated to worshiping the Lord and serving His people. We welcome visitors, both those who are already following Christ and those He is drawing to Himself and seeking to know Him.

While we are an autonomous congregation, we partner with the Southern Baptist Convention and operate using the traditional model of a lead pastor and a deacon body. As we study God’s Word, our desire is to become like the first century it describes.

What is the vision and mission of the church?

The mission of the church is multi-faceted. Just as our Lord commissioned Peter to feed His sheep, our church members are always a priority and are to be fed appropriately. In the Great Commission our Lord also told us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19)

We are committed to being gospel-centered. The gospel is the good news that Jesus came to ransom for Himself a people–by His virgin birth, perfect life, substitutionary death, literal resurrection, and glorious ascension–and one day He will return to judge the world and restore all things to Himself.

We are a community, which means that the church is not a building. Rather it is made up the people of God who have been transformed by the gospel and sent on mission into the world for God’s glory.

We are mission-focused, which means we are seeking to glorify God as we make, mature and multiply disciples of Jesus. Although the church is called to many honorable tasks, we believe that our primary calling is to make disciples that make disciples, and we are committed to that goal.